Ameri House
ameri house kashan

Ameri House was built during the Zand era for Agha Ameri, the governor of Kashan, who was responsible for maintaining the security of the route between Tehran and Kashan. It is one of the numerous historical houses of Kashan. It is located in the old neighborhood of the city and attracts a lot of guests both as a touristic site and a luxury hotel. In both ways, the house gives you a realistic picture of the lifestyle of wealthy families in the 18th century.

Its total area is about 9 000 square meters and includes 85 rooms, seven courtyards, and two bathhouses. As all Iranian houses of that period, Ameri House includes two parts – public or “birooni’, used for guests and men, and private or “andarooni”, used by women and servants. The house also has several chambers with three doors and one seven-door hall called Shahneshins.

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