Bandar Anzali

Bandar Anzali
The Port of Anzali (Bandar-e Anzali) in the north is Iran’s main port and seaside resort on the Caspian Sea that has a rich and ancient history. In the past Reza shah has renamed it to Bandar Pahlavi but after the revolution it has been named Bandar Anzali again. Its population is over 110 thousand people, including ethnic Russians, Caucasians, Armenians, and Turkmens. The inhabitants of Anzali speak Gileki as the maternal language and Persian as the national language. It is the second largest and capital city of Gillan Province, Iran. The Port of Anzali is about 260 km northwest of Tehran. The Port of Anzali is known as the “World Capital of Precious Caviar.” Anzali was founded in the early 19th Century and Most of the port facilities are on the eastern side of the channel, including a wharf, oil depot, and fishery station. Modernization of port facilities was accomplished during World War II. The place is wonderful with pleasant weather also is accessible with Mazandaran, Azerbaijan, and Tehran by road or plane.

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Anzali lagoon
Anzali lagoon is a coastal wetland, in the Caspian Sea near the port of Anzali, which is famous… read more

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