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Gilan province with the centrality of Rasht city is of the green provinces in north of Iran. Gilan encompasses the western end of the Alborz mountains and the western plain around the Caspian Sea of Iran. With a historical back ground and an ancient history, this province attracts both tourists and archeologists alike. Gilan province has unique nature and dense rain forests, which have global significance. This province has all kinds of tasty local and traditional foods and its own unique handicrafts and is always addressed as one of the plenteous provinces of Iran. Also, the Caspian Sea, in this province has added to the attraction of its beautiful nature and has prepared a precious heritage within this territory for Iran.

Popular attractions in Gilan

Rasht city

Rasht city is one of the metropolises of Iran, the center of Gilan province in northern Iran and the center of the city… read more 


Masal is one of the most magnificent and important villages in Iran tourism that is located in the beautiful… read more 


Among all traditional and unspoiled mountain village in Province of Gilan, Masule is the most beautiful one… read more

Chamkhaleh Beach

Chamkhaleh beach is one of the most beautiful and most equipped and also the least risky beach of the country… read more.

Rudkhan Castle

Iran has numerous castles. However, most of them are in dry areas. Rudkhan Castle is one of… read more

Gisum Forest Park

One of the sights of Gilan Province and Talesh County is Gisum Forest Park. The outstanding and visitable… read more

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