Katale Khor Cave

Katale Khor is a cave located in, Zanjan Province, Iran. It is situated 120 km south of Zanjan city and is about 410 km from Tehran. The name, Katale Khor, means “mount of the sun” The Cave was discovered about 90 years ago. Geological studies in 1984 showed that the cave formation dates back to the Jurassic period it is believed that the cave is connected to Ali Sadr Cave in Hamadan Province. Of course, the two caves are different from two viewpoints. Firstly, Ali Sadr is full of water, but Katale Khor is almost dry. Another wonder of the cave is the number of its levels, which are very rare among major caves of the world.
The recreational division of the cave is used by the public and includes 2 km of straight path. Experts maintain that the division constitutes one-third of the cave.
The road from Zanjan to Khatale Khor passes Soltaniyeh, an ancient khanate city. Due to penetration of water into lower layers of the cave and shallow lagoons, crystalline stalagmites have created very beautiful vistas. During 120 million years of its life, the cave has changed many times with earthquakes, faults, and collapses being among the most common natural changes which have taken place inside the cave.

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