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Rasht city is one of the metropolises of Iran, the center of Gilan province in northern Iran and the center of the city of Rasht. This metropolis is also the largest and most populous city in northern Iran, among the three Caspian Sea provinces and the largest and most populous city of Gilaki of the world, the largest settlement on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea. Rasht is the third most visited tourist city in Iran.
The city’s population is more than two million on holidays and tourist months of the year. Rasht is the most densely populated city of Iran in terms of population ratio to size.
The weather in Rasht is Caspian moderate and semi-Mediterranean, with warm and sultry summer and humid and cold winters. Also, the city of Rasht has the first rate of rainfall in the provinces of Iran and is known as the rain town.
Rasht became the center of Gilan province more than 4.5 centuries ago, and in the past it was the center of the first province of Iran. It also played a key role in the history of Iran, such as the Constitutional Revolution, the 1979 Iranian Forestry Movement and also Iranian Revolution, and due to its people culture, and its location on the Silk Road, it has long been known as the gateway to Europe, as well as the gateway to modern civilization. It also has brilliant backgrounds in the field of foreign exchanges.
Nowadays, Rasht is considered one of the main agricultural and tourism hubs in the country  and also it is one of the rice poles in Iran.

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