Shorabil Lake
shorabil - iran

The lake is inside the city of Ardabil. And also it is one of the most important natural attractions of Ardabil. The surface of the lake is 640,000 m², and is covered with a thin white layer of minerals which are useful in healing skin diseases. Some people believed that Mineral-rich water of Shorabil has great impacts on some diseases; because of this many tourists visit the lake for medical reasons. This lake is definitely worth visiting and even camping for one or two nights when you are on the North-East of Iran. Shorabil Lake which has healing minerals and a picturesque landscape is a site and the main habitat for migratory birds.

The lake’s water was used to be salty, but the addition of fresh water has reduced its salinity. The basin was covered with mud and high concentrations of salt and other minerals so that no fish could survive. In 1998, the government of Ardabil started diluting the lake water by linking rivers from the surrounding area. After almost 2 years they also started growing a kind of fish called “Qezel- Ala” in the lake which is famous for having pink meat and wonderful taste. The originally salt rarely allowed any species grow in it. For that, some sweet-water rivers were linked to the lake and reduced the amount of salt. Now, lots of salmons are living in Shorabil Lake. The lake is also home to pelicans, crowned, golden eye ducks, gooses, storks, and herons in different times of the year.

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