Susa Palace
susa palace

The palace complex of the Persian King Darius the Great (522-486 B.C.), provides unique evidence of the sophistication of Achaemenian architecture and construction. This palace was built 2500 years ago in western Iran, lays at the center of the Persian Empire. Its bull-headed capitals, enamel friezes of richly-clad archers holding spear, figures of noble lions and winged monsters, introduced a new iconography into the ancient Persian world. The palace complex occupied the northern terrace of Susa, and included the Apadana or audience hall and royal residence. The palace complex had occupied five hectares and was built on an artificially raised 12-hectare area. Access to the palace complex was on a pavement of bricks from the south through the Royal City. The pavement passed through a colossal passageway which had two halls and two porticoes each with two columns.

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