Iran is a country with an ancient culture, rich history, unique architectural masterpieces and natural beauty is a true paradise for travelers. With a variety of climatic zones and nature, when you travel to Iran you will see hot deserts, lush forests, and beautiful mountains at the same time. One of the most interesting parts of Iran, from the perspective of Eco-tourism, is considered to be the northern part of the country.

Although ecotourism in Iran is a young industry so far it has served a lot in the tourism industry. Wonderful hospitality of local people and the unique nature of Iran quite well and has led the industry toward a sustainable development. So if you are a nature lover and interested in visiting natural parts of the world, Iran is a great destination for you.

This species including some rare species such as the Siberian Kingfisher, falcons, eagles, pelicans, and some other species are. Mammals of similar importance are such that it can be Persian fallow deer, wild cheetahs, Asiatic black bear, Persian Gazelle Donkey Gore cited. The blue whale is a marine mammal Persian Gulf, Iran’s largest habitat.

Popular destinations for ecotourism:

Geopark, Qeshm Island

Badab-e-Surt, Mazandaran

Ecotourism in Iran: Eco villages

Turkmen Eco lodge

Matin Abad Eco Camp

Mountain valley Bavanat


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