health tourism

Medical tourism is rapidly becoming a worldwide. Iran has a high potential for this industry. The unique combination of experience, facilities and natural resources is the key to success of the Iranian health care system.
Iran offers a wide range of state of the art treatment, through an extensive network of highly equipped hospitals, around 850 hospitals, and rehabilitation centers at reasonable costs.
An analysis of the costs of the various procedures shows that treatment costs in Iran are much lower as compared to the developed countries. Iran is also very cost competitive as compared to its regional competitors, including Turkey, USE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain as well as southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and India.

Why you have to prefer Iran for treatment:
• It is among the top 3 destinations in the world for health care travel.
• Iran is the first destination for Europeans and Arabic people for Health Care Travel.
• Iranian hospitals successfully treated more than 500000 patients from 144 countries in 2017.
• Iran has many doctors and surgeons who graduated from American Medical Universities.
• It is the 6th Preferred destination in the world as a tourism destination.
• Iran is the First destination for plastic surgery (rhinoplasty, liposuction, tummy tuck, blepharoplasty, hair transplant) in the world.
• Iranian surgeons most successful doctors in organ transplantation in the world.
• Iran has the Most successful doctors in Stem Cell Technology.
• Iran is one of the best country in cancer treatment.
• Iran is the most affordable country for high-quality treatment in the world.

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