Zanjan is the capital of Zanjan Province in north-western Iran. With a population of 448,398 Zanjan covers an area of 6763 square kilometers.
It is famous for its knives, traditional sandals, and other handicrafts like charoogh and malileh which are made with silver wires. Zanjani artists make many things like various decorative dishes and their special covers as well as silver jewelry. In ancient times, Zanjan was known for its stainless sharp knives .Many villagers today are traditional carpet weavers.

Popular attractions in Kurdistan

The Salt Men Museum:
the home of mummified salt miners from 1700 years ago, is a unique tourist attraction of Zanjan… read more

Soltaniye Dome:
Soltaniye Dome is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the third largest dome in the world…. read more

Rakhtshur khaneh:
It is a traditional Qajar era laundry house and today it is Zanjan’s Anthropology Museum… read more

Zanjan Traditional Bazaar:
The traditional Bazaar of Zanjan, the longest ancient bazaar in Iran, was founded in 1792… read more

Katale Khor Cave:
Katale Khor is a cave located in, Zanjan Province, Iran. It is situated 120 km south of Zanjan city … read more

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